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Project lifecycle management for agencies and studios of all sizes.

Improve and streamline your team’s workflow.

Centralize everything, duplicate nothing

Collections are the new way to organize your creative projects. Flexible and dynamic, content can exist in multiple collections at once without making copies. When assets are updated, changes are reflected everywhere instantly.

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Ready to support your emerging tech projects

Preview files when you need them, on any device. In addition to a wide array of image types, Chipmunk supports previewing video, vector files, and 3D models for VR, AR, and XR applications.

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Watch your projects and assets evolve over time

Use drafts to gain complete visibility into project status, see what’s still outstanding, and ensure everyone is on the same page. Create content requests to map out every project from the onset with every team member knowing exactly what they’re responsible for.

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Streamlined approval and feedback process to close the loop

Stakeholders and project leaders can deliver feedback, request changes, and have the final say over working content before it goes live. Your approval queue is the pulse of your team’s workflow.

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Your single source of truth for the entire creative process

For every great finished design, there are a dozen that don’t make the cut. Process is valuable and good work shouldn’t be forgotten. Watch assets evolve over time, keep track of revisions, and iterate without creating a sea of files.

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Chipmunk integrates with the tools and technologies that you know and love.

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Plans and Pricing

A powerful workspace for creative teams of all sizes, with pricing that fits you as you grow.



Get started with

  • Up to 3 users
  • 250 MB of storage
  • Content organization
  • Support for hundreds of file types
  • Chipmunk plugins, apps and integrations

Try Chipmunk for free and see if it works for your team.



per user
per month
Billed annually


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per month

Everything in Free, along with

  • Up to 10 total users
  • 10 GB of total storage per user (additional storage available)
  • Public and guest access

Empower your team's workflow with full access to Chipmunk.



per user
per month
Billed annually


per user
per month

Everything in Plus, along with

  • Up to 20 total users
  • 20 GB of total storage per user (additional storage available)
  • Priority support

Grow your team using Chipmunk, with more users and more storage.

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